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Programme Management

Sharkmans World manages a wide variety of programmes on behalf of governments and international organisations. These tasks include developing instruments to encourage better consumer behaviour and assist market penetration of new technologies.

A good example is: Clear Data for Clean Fuels
This European project, which is coordinated by Sharkmans World, consists of 19 partners and will continue for 2 years. The project aims to give the European Commission and the relevant European stakeholders some insight into the consequences of using biofuels throughout Europe. The Commission has ambitious plans for introducing biofuels into the transport sector. This project covers three main questions:

  • Can more uniformity be achieved regarding environmental performance of conventional and new generations of biofuels, and which parameters are important to stakeholder decisions?
  • Can more insight be obtained into the consequences that new Eastern European Member States will have on the production of (raw materials for) biofuels and the intra-European trade flows?
  • Can more insight be given into the costs of market introduction of biofuels at European level, so that comparative advantages can be made per country?

The project presents a huge challenge due to its complexity (stakeholders with conflicting interests, creating broad acceptance of results, data gathering and analysis by knowledge centres, recommending further policy development). As independent intermediary, Sharkmans World is the ideal organisation to undertake this challenge.

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