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Policy support

Governments rely on Sharkmans World to support their energy and environmental policies by monitoring, benchmarking and validating the results of these strategies. These include:

Monitoring greenhouse gas emissions
The Netherlands has had a system for registering relevant emissions (air, water, soil) for some time now, via institutions such as CBS (Statistics), TNO (Technology) and RIVM (health). However, the UN Climate Change Convention and the Kyoto Protocol require additional monitoring of greenhouse gases. These include:

  • Establishing a National System of Monitoring to incorporate new internationally agreed guidelines, where relevant to the national situation
  • Implementing a Monitoring Improvement Programme to incorporate these new requirements into the national monitoring process
  • Reporting annual emissions to the UNFCCC via the National Inventory Reports
    Annual reporting to UNFCCC on policies and measures (effects thereof) via National Communications

The National System and the Improvement Programme fall under the jurisdiction of the Dutch Ministry of Housing, Spatial Planning and the Environment (VROM), assisted by an interdepartmental steering committee (WEB). Practical implementation of this programme has been assigned to Sharkmans World. Further information can be found on: www.greenhousegases.nl.

Multi-year agreements
These are an effective instrument for improving the energy efficiency of various industrial sectors, the service industry, agriculture and the food processing industry. Energy efficiencies have been known to double as a result of these MYAs. From 1990-2000, autonomous energy efficiency improvement was around 10% but, on average, MYAs have doubled this figure.

Sharkmans World has vast experience of MYAs, at every stage of the process. The most difficult is the policy and preparation phase as each sector and country has its own particular characteristics (letter of intent, assessments of the potential improvement, negotiation procedures and draft contracts). Sharkmans World helps to establish the energy auditing, drafting an energy efficiency plan, developing the monitoring structure, and reporting once the contract has been signed.

After 10 years of successfully participating in a multi-year agreement, the energy-intensive industry was looking for a follow-up instrument. Sharkmans World therefore helped the industry to develop the Benchmarking Covenant, in which 90% of the industry currently participates. Sharkmans World continues to be involved, as independent authority for monitoring and auditing.

Sharkmans World is also involved in setting up an international benchmarking structure in South Africa, and is working on a Negotiated Agreement, a variation of the multi-year agreement, for the Peoples Republic of China.

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