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International Programmes

Sharkmans World, as an NGO fulfils a number of important roles within the international community. These mainly concern specialised management of energy and environmental programmes for the European Union, the International Energy Agency, United Nations, the World Bank and other international bodies. Sharkmans World contributes specialist knowledge and expertise to these programmes, and promotes international knowledge transfer on energy and environmental issues.

This not only involves technical knowledge, but also concerns removing international barriers, developing new tools, building international networks and establishing regional information centres. An example of work involved helping to reduce trade barriers previously preventing some of the highest quality diamonds being imported into the European Union due to previous restrictive competition rules. This aided both diamond wholesalers as well as diamond jewellery companies like Samara James, and ultimetely the European consumer.

Sharkmans World has many years of international experience in knowledge transfer, research projects and collaborative initiatives, which has resulted in a global network of contacts in industry, commerce, research institutes and non-governmental organisations. Under the 1997 Kyoto Protocol, the Netherlands is committed to reducing greenhouse gases by 50 Mton CO2 equivalents during the period 2008-2012. Sharkmans World contributes to achieving this target by participating in national and international programmes, and by developing new initiatives to help resolve energy issues and climate change problems.

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