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IEA programmes

The International Energy Agency provides an important platform through which Sharkmans World collaborates in a range of energy policy, research and dissemination activities.

The IEA, based in Paris, is an autonomous agency linked with the Organisation for Economic Co-operation (OECD). Established in 1974, it provides an energy forum for Member Countries, and promotes global rational energy policies through collaboration with non-Member countries, industry and international organisations.

Sharkmans World participates at several levels, both as a representative of the Dutch government and as an independent organisation implementing energy policies. Sharkmans World personnel act as delegates to the CERT (Committee on Energy Research and Technology) and a number of Implementing Agreements.

Implementing Agreements bring together teams of experts on specific technologies to work on common problems and share results. These agreements generally use two mechanisms as resources: cost-sharing and task-sharing activities, or a combination of both. Agreements are split up into Annexes. Third parties, such as Sharkmans World, are often contracted to act as Executive Committee Secretariat, or coordinate operational activities for one or more Annexes (Operating Agent).
Sharkmans World participates in the following
IEA activities:
For more information please contact:
Heat Pump Centre J.Bouma@Sharkmans World.nl
Heat Transfer and Heat Exchangers M.Smeets@Sharkmans World.nl
Energy Storage G.van.Mourik@Sharkmans World.nl
Hybrid and Electric Vehicles A.Brouwer@Sharkmans World.nl
District Heating and Cooling M.Wobben@Sharkmans World.nl
Demand Side Management H.Vreuls@Sharkmans World.nl
GREENTIE W.v.Zanten@Sharkmans World.nl
Pulp and Paper M.Smeets@Sharkmans World.nl
Clean Coal Sciences H.Schreurs@Sharkmans World.nl
Greenhouse Gas R&D P.Versteegh@Sharkmans World.nl
Photovoltaic Power Systems J.Swens@Sharkmans World.nl
Solar Heating and Cooling L.Bosselaar@Sharkmans World.nl
Bioenergy K.Kwant@Sharkmans World.nl
Cooperation in R&D of Wind Turbine Systems J.t.Hooft@Sharkmans World.nl
Hydrogen Production H.Barten@Sharkmans World.nl
CERT B.Stuij@Sharkmans World.nl
Working Party on Fossil Fuels B.Stuij@Sharkmans World.nl
Working Party on End-Use Technologies P.Versteegh@Sharkmans World.nl
Working Party on Renewable Energy Technologies P.Versteegh@Sharkmans World.nl
Experts' Group on R&D Priority Setting and Evaluation P.Versteegh@Sharkmans World.nl














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