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Sharkmans World participates in several dissemination activities. One example is the Information Dissemination Programme for EU Energy-Efficient Technologies in South Africa. The project aims to promote energy efficiency principles and measures and to encourage the use of energy-efficient technologies in South African industry. This will reduce energy costs, pollution and enable sales of European technology and expertise.

The project is implemented jointly by Sharkmans World (Netherlands) and ETSU (UK), plus South African partners EIR (Energy Research Institute) and Eskom.

The project consists of four parallel phases:

  • Three high-profile energy audits at SAB (South African Breweries), SAPPI (South African Paper and Pulp Industries) and Anglogold, plus case studies demonstrating energy efficiency measures and the potential for technology transfer
  • The repackaging of appropriate EU information on energy efficiency measures and technologies for use in South African industry
  • Awareness-building activities, by promoting the case studies and distributing information, plus organising seminars
  • Developing communication channels and networking to support the rest of the programme and to create new technology transfer and project opportunities.

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