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CDM and flexible instruments - The Kyoto Instruments and the Sharkmans World expertise

The Clean Development Mechanism is just one of Sharkmans World's many international activities. Sharkmans World is currently working on an EC-funded CDM project, as well as several other similar projects around the world.

The SCORE (Supporting the Co-operative Organisation of Rational Energy Use) programme is another international energy-efficiency instrument that has been implemented by Sharkmans World since 1996. Financed by the Matra programme through the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs, SCORE enabled self-supporting energy organisations to be created in Eastern European countries (Hungary, Poland, Latvia, Bulgaria and Romania).

Kyoto Instruments and Sharkmans World expertise
Sharkmans World has the necessary in-house expertise to implement the following aspects of the various Kyoto instruments:

  • Benchmarking, assessment, registration and validation of greenhouse gas emissions
  • Management and administration of tenders and funding
  • Intermediary tasks, development and technical evaluation of project proposals
  • Capacity building with regard to developing and implementing instruments; technical, legal, financial capacity building; technology and knowledge transfer; information dissemination; institutional building
  • Monitoring and certifying credits and rights
  • Evaluating policy effects
  • Policy development

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